“Don’t forget the accounting of medium-sized companies” – Power talk with EFiS AG CEO Armin Gerhardt at the virtual FPN Payment Transaction Symposium on 3 March 2021

This year, there was something new at the FPN Payment Transaction Symposium. For the first time, a virtual presentation of the future prospects in payment transactions was given, which of course did not harm the excitement. Around 150 participants followed the diverse presentations by the 14 speakers, which, among other things, highlighted the topics of request-to-pay, digital currencies and payment transactions in the age of Industry 4.0.

In the middle of it was again Armin Gerhardt, CEO and founder of EFiS AG, who took a position in Power talk with Manfred Schuck on topics such as request-to-pay, instant payments and classic payment transactions.

“Payment transactions are and will remain a secure pillar”, thus Gerhardt begins his remarks. In addition to the positive aspects, the experienced managing director also thinks of suggestions for improvement. In the B2B business, for example, you shouldn’t leave out the accounting of medium-sized companies, warns Gerhardt.

The CEO sees some opportunities and advantages in the trends of instant payments and digital money, such as direct feedback on instant payments, as well as with the main topic of today’s event, request-to-pay. “RTP will be up and running by 2030.” the Dreieich entrepreneur forecasts. “Until then, the existing solutions will have to be used.”

At the end of the presentation, Gerhardt takes his audience on a little journey into the past by pointing to a paper tape machine from the 1970s. “The security of not being able to subsequently change blockchain data, for example, which was previously guaranteed by the punched tape, must be guaranteed at all times today – with the most up-to-date options.”

“Payment transactions are and will remain a secure pillar.” Armin Gerhardt, CEO of EFiS AG