Instant Payments

The processing of real-time transfers is one of the new and central topics of payment transactions. This service is particularly interesting due to its permanent availability. Instant Payments can be executed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so that no bank working days have to be taken into account. Money is credited to the payee’s account within a few seconds. The payment initiator also receives prompt feedback on the execution of his transaction.

On the infrastructural side, we work in close cooperation with EBA Clearing, which connects customers to the Instant Payments Service live via RT1. We attach great importance to a precise interface agreement in order to bring your infrastructures in line with our offers. The focus is on security and user experience.

As Instant Payments are gaining attention at the point of sale in particular, an individual notification to the target platform is required. It doesn’t matter what kind of target platform it is – be it a checkout, a vending machine or a mobile device. The Payment Notification Service (PNS) supports the payment process for different platforms. The PNS provides the corresponding notification API and communication channel for each target platform.

We are happy to support you in an advisory capacity – whether active or passive. We connect you to the real-time system in the desired way and are instantly available to you.

Instantly available
– passive or active