EBICS Bank Server

EFiS is one of the few providers in Germany to offer a complete EBICS solution for both banks and companies. EBICS is available here either as a licensed product or as a hosted service, i.e. as Software as a Service. EBICS offers customised infrastructures both in communication between banks and companies and in interbank communication.

EBICS is an internet-based communication standard that describes a channel for the secure processing of mass payment transactions. As an aspiring communication channel, EBICS is on its way to being used throughout Europe beyond Germany. EBICS promises decisive advantages that are available to the user: First of all, banks can be reached across the board. Since EBICS is an open standard, standard products or services can be individually selected for use. In addition, EBICS promises the highest security standards such as encryption at transport level and end-to-end monitoring. It can be used as a means of transport for all business processes in payment transactions, i.e. direct debits, transfers, etc.


With EFiS, EBICS can be purchased separately as an EFiS Bank Server or as an element of the modular payment transaction platform. Regardless of the chosen form of provision, the EBICS standard is multi-currency-capable for uniform, automated payment transaction processes.

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