Jump Service

The EFiS Jump Service describes the option to access an application behind two firewalls via the browser. The applications are accessed via a remote desktop client. There, multi-factor authentication is required, which takes place via a One-Time-Password (OTP). The user can choose between a hardware or software token or an app.

The EFiS Jump Service offers significant user benefits with a clear focus on security. This ensures secure access to applications, which is a necessary security measure in times of cybercrime. The security architecture meets the strict requirements of the SWIFT Customer Security Programme (CSP). As a result, the user is CSP-compliant. The 24/7 Jump Service is also available to the user. No installation is required to use the Jump Service. The user also has the option of defining rules and SLAs. Here, for example, an alarm is triggered if unusual access is detected. This significantly increases security against attacks from inside and outside.

Jump Service – no installation required and
SWIFT CSP-compliant