Customer-oriented services from a single source

The range of services offered by EFiS AG is characterized by its innovative range of services. The various pillars for operational service creation are thematically interlinked thus creating great benefits for our customers. The services can be offered from a single source, which considerably simplifies their daily processes and procedures.

Automated Clearing House

The Automated Clearing House (ACH) as one of the largest, safest and most reliable payment systems in the world describes a clearing system in which electronic transactions are transferred between two institutions. Here, payments are made to specified accounts at the relevant financial institutions.

Business Process Outsourcing

In our data center, we offer the Transaction Platform as Software as a Service in hosting. Outsourcing by our customers also goes as far as the holistic business process in which all payment-related issues of the customer are taken over in the service.

EBICS Bank Server

EFiS is one of the few providers in Germany that offers a full EBICS solution for both banks and companies. EBICS is available either as a licensed product or as a hosted service, i.e. as Software as a Service. EBICS offers tailored infrastructures both in the communication between banks and companies and as in interbank communication.

Instant Payments

The processing of real-time transfers is one of the new and central topics of payment transactions. This service is particularly interesting because of its permanent accessibility. Instant Payments can be executed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so bank account days do not have to be taken into account. This money is credited within a few seconds on the account of the payee. The payment trigger also receives timely feedback on the execution of its transaction.

Security, availability and performance  powered by IBM z Systems

EFiS operates its own Green IT data centers. In order to meet the high demands of our customers, we use the z Systems mainframes from IBM, which impress with their reliability, scalability and performance. Thus, we guarantee the fulfilment of the safety-relevant regulations which must meet the highest standards, especially for the banking world.

Jump Service

The EFiS Jump Service describes the option of accessing an application behind two firewalls via the browser. The applications are accessed via a remote desktop client. There, a multi-factor authentication is required, which takes place via one-time password (OTP). There are various ways available to the user, so that there is a choice between a hardware or software token or an app.

Payment Factory

Well-known banks and corporates use EFiS Core Euro Bank as a smart and user-friendly web application, which as a payment hub with integrated booking engine centralizes and automates the entire liquidity management of a concern. This allows banks and corporations to serve their entire international bank accounts and connections from a single system.


In the context of internationalization, the number and complexity of banking connections has increased significantly. It requires a cost-intensive application landscape and appropriate know-how to operate bank connections themselves and to keep them up-to-date and audit-proof. This challenge, coupled with sometimes error-prone, manual processes, has led many banks to outsource the entire banking connectivity cost-effectively as a high-performance, high-availability and secure service.

Transaction Platform

As a central payment processing center, our transaction platform paves the way for the sustainable, future-oriented payment traffic of our customers. Thanks to its modular design, it is extremely flexible and can fulfil individual customer requirements most efficiently.