Transaction platform

With its scalability, highest security standards and fulfilment of compliance requirements, the platform meets the high expectations of companies and banks in this field.

As a central payment processing center, our transaction platform paves the way for the sustainable, future-oriented payment traffic of our customers. Due to its modular design, it is extremely flexible and can fulfil individual customer requirements most efficiently.

With 100 percent development depth and a well-proven and field-proven architecture as well as consistent STP processing and comprehensive reporting functionalities, the platform enables our customers a secure, high-performance and cost-effective processing of payment transactions. The platform processes all payment transaction processes and standards. In addition, all national and international payment methods are supported. In addition to SEPA, CGI, Target and SWIFT, procedures such as BACS, Fedwire and SIC are also supported.

The connection is made on the one hand on the standard communication channels such as SWIFT and EBICS. On the other hand, we draw on many years of experience with individual host-to-host connections and can thus provide individually selected connection paths. Optional services such as mandate management required for direct debits, various format conversions, IBAN validation and a full “testing bank” are also available.

Your payment processing center