EFiS AG @24th Bank of the Future

For almost a quarter of a century the International Bankers Forum meets on the occasion of the “Bank of the Future” year after year. On 18.02.21, the 24th event of this kind took place, where representatives of the banking and technology industry exchanged views on current topics and challenges.

Mr. Armin Gerhardt, CEO of EFiS AG, was part of a panel discussion with Mr. Jochen Metzger from the Bundesbank and Mr. Ulrich Binnebößel from the German Trade Association on the topic of “Innovations in payment transactions”. The round was moderated by Prof. Dr. Hans-Gert Penzel from the University of Regensburg.

Highlights of the forum were:

  • Instant Payments (with their finality) could become the (almost) mandatory standard in three to four years, with certain additions, especially for returns;
  • EPI and R2P (also and especially for B2B!) are very important for a sovereign European currency area, need and get tailwind;
  • The digital euro will and must come – possibly in two phases, with the token in the second phase.

EFiS AG is a leading and independent payment service provider for banks, public treasuries as well as internationally operating companies, including many from the DAX30. We offer our customers innovative methods of payment transactions as SaaS and are very well positioned in Instant Payments, EPI and R2P. As a SWIFT Service Bureau we also support

all SWIFTNet services as well as access to the various clearing procedures such as Target2, SEPA, SIC and BACS. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.