The 97th Usermeeting – together into the future

For the 97th time, the EFiS AG team welcomed customers, payment transaction experts and other interested parties to the Usermeeting at the premises of the Dreieich gymnastics club.
For the first time, the event was divided into two parts. The information presented in the morning was exclusively intended for EFiS AG customers. The afternoon part was then open to all other interested parties from the payments and banking sectors.

After an introduction to the upcoming topics, such as the EBA guidelines or the TARGET2 and SEPA deputy tests, the CEO of EFiS AG, Armin Gerhardt, pointed out the importance of TARGET2 consolidation. The expected challenges were presented and thus the senses of all participants were sharpened.
Ulrich Buch, CTO of EFiS AG, concluded the morning with a top topic relevant to the future. In his presentation he showed how EFiS AG will position itself technically in the future and explained the exact reasons.

In the first lecture of the general part, Ralf Schmidt from the Deutsche Bundesbank presented the topic ECONS I (Enhanced Contingency Solution Part I). With ECONS I, the Bundesbank will be able to cope with a long-lasting disruption of TARGET2. It should be emphasised that access is only possible for SWIFT-based TARGET2 participants. In addition, up to five-day operation is possible. ECONS I will be implemented with TARGET2 SSP Release 13.0 on 18th November 2019.

After the lunch break, the presentation by Ralf Klein of SWIFT Germany continued in an exciting way. He gave the audience a general SWIFT update. Instead of the current Y-copy method, a V-shape method will be used to send messages via SWIFT ESMIG. This will save approx. 70-85% of the costs. Mr. Klein also asked the audience to pre-select SWIFT as a network service provider, if possible. This helps SWIFT to assess how the market thinks. This pre-selection is not binding.

Finally, Joachim Berg, Account Manager at EFiS AG, presented the first results of the previous payments week on the subject of TARGET2/T2S consolidation. The results were worked out in a collective workshop with the customers. They reported on valuable discussions that helped everyone to understand the full extent of the consolidation they were aiming for.

Kai Marzenell (Head of Service Management) and Anestis Anastasiadis (Developer) also presented the current status of WEBENIX. Since the last presentation at the Usermeeting there have been considerable improvements. During the development, special attention was paid to the wishes of the customers.

The EFiS AG team would like to thank all speakers and participants of the 97th Usermeeting and is looking forward to welcome you again at one of the next Usermeetings.