The 95th Usermeeting – Transformation and Regulatory go Hand in Hand

The experts at the 95th Usermeeting focused on the consolidation of Target Services, innovations in SWIFT and the importance of regulatory issues. Furthermore, EFiS AG proudly presented the well-known Instant Payments showcase of the coffee machine, extended by the factor artificial intelligence.

The role of the first speaker was taken over by Armin Gerhardt, CEO of EFiS AG, with his remarks and ideas on the subject of electronic invoicing processes. In his contribution, Mr. Gerhardt compared the digital with the analogue invoicing process and showed the economic efficiency, in particular the potential savings. He also referred to the implementation of e-invoicing in EFiS AG applications.

The new Account Manager for the SWIFT Service Bureau EFiS AG, Mr. Ralf Klein (SWIFT), and Mr. Kai Marzenell (EFiS AG) gave presentations on current SWIFT topics in a joint session. Mr. Marzenell focused on the working relations between EFiS AG and SWIFT and gave an insight into the upcoming milestones in 2019. Mr. Klein commented on the current challenges related to instant payments and gave an overview of solution methods. Starting in 2021, the company will migrate towards ISO20022, the XML format. It should be emphasized that there will be a four-year co-existence of the old and new payment traffic world. A Big-Bang conversion is expressly not planned.

The presentation of Stefanie Stadtmüllers (Deutsche Bundesbank) included the current state of T2/T2S consolidation. Mr. Thomas Frenzel (BearingPoint GmbH) went into the implementation phase of the T2/T2S consolidation in his presentation.

Mr. Thomas Egner (EBA Association) put his focus on market regulation and took a stand. Regulators are often seen as showstoppers, but they are a necessary instrument to ensure security in this sensitive business area. It should be clear to everyone that regulation will be a constant companion.

In the last item of the agenda, EFiS and ABK presented their current implementation topics to those present. Examples are Elastic search, Payment Notification Service and Login control.

Finally, the participating experts came together for a cosy get-together. Here, the discussions were intensified and the day could be reviewed.

EFiS AG would like to thank the speakers and all participants for coming together and for the informative day. In the course of this we are looking forward to the 96th Usermeeting on 26th June 2019.