E.F.I.S.®- EURO Finance Information System

The modular E.F.I.S.®  - EURO Finance Information System as central payments and clearing platform is able to serve all payments processes including extensive monitoring functionalities.

The quick, safe and efficient handling of pay orders represents a large competition factor. At the same time new technical possibilities as well as permanent adaptation to legal requirements with regard to the handling of payments mean a considerable challenge to all market participants. Here, the E.F.I.S.®  platform is supporting your payments to meet future requirements no matter if you are acting as bank, central bank or entrepreneur in payments. The software can be used as SaaS/ASP – solution in the computer centres of EFiS or acquired as rights of usage (licenses). 

Based on an efficient clearing handling functionalities and modules are made available enabling the entire processing of payments from registration at the front-end over processing and booking to clearing transmission. All legal requirements are observed (for example embargo verification).

The service-oriented architecture makes available function blocks for entry / exit of transactions, STP-processing, repair and information management - including a large interface for booking information. 

The standard multi-bank transaction solution E.F.I.S.® has the following features: 

  • computer centre capability – consistent client-capability of software, work-flow and data keeping
  • technical platform platform independence - from UNIX cluster  to mainframe
  • configurability – GUI, parameter, tables and scripts
  • modularity - as much functionality as necessary, as little complexity as possible
  • resource saving – hardware and manpower – cheap TCO
  • scalability of functions  and performance
  • easy migration - stepwise change possible – quick ROI
  • training of standard processes - efficient handling
  • strictly STP-oriented - assembly line processing, all exemptions are forwarded to the repair tool 
  • permanent matching – central monitoring
  • proofed by use
  • real-time – capabilities

All usual national and international formats and order types can be supported: 

  • SEPA
  • TARGET2 (auch ISO20022)
  • Euro1
  • T2S
  • SIC4, eurosSIC, SECOM
  • and many others... 

The functional architecture enables to integrate the fundamental features:

  • multi-format - all formats known for payment data can be processed
  • multi-channel - connection can be established vie different communication channels
  • multi-currency - all currencies are supported
  • multi-market - different payment procedures are supported
  • multi-lingual – different languages are supported
  • multi-client capability – several independent clients can be supported by one installation
  • multi-modular – only the modules and functionalities required are assembled and released in an applicable solution

User access to the application is done by clients with a graphical surface on JAVA-basis. While developing these GUI ergonomy is in the focus orienting towards business transactions and payments processes. Documentation is integrated containing the usual on-line help and a process documentation of the bank specification. It is also possible to integrate the customer-specific documentation on-line. 

Individual extenstion possibilities and additional offers complete the different functionalities for payments. Here, it is especially the SWIFT-Service-Bureau that offers the technical infrastructure for the connection to the SWIFT net. All transactions of SEPA payments and payments with large amounts, of payments abroad, foreign exchange trading and securities can be transferred into the global SWIFT net.