Case Studies

Mainframe and mobile: a combination with potential.

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The demands of your customers, partners, employees – and the demand of a fast moving market – are stretching the limits of enterprise data centers today. Add to this the new challenges data centers face as they invest in the next generation of smart applications and it is clear we need something new. We need smarter systems. Systems that raise the bar on efficiency, performance and cost savings...

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NRW.Bank is the commercial bank of the federal german state Nordrhein-Westfalen, located in Duesseldorf and Muenster. 
The legal form is „Anstalt des Öffentlichen Rechts“ ( Institution of public law).

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EFiS AG processes all payment and SWIFT transactions for NRW.BANK including archiving and payment statistics.

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ADDISON stands for a consistant management to imptove the profitability via an integrated software solution in the accounting system.

ADDISON offers a full range of software applications in one integrated system for all requirements of the accounting system and the chancellery organization of tax consultants, financial auditors and medium sized companies.

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Pharma24 is a german internet online shipping pharmacy.

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Pharma 24 trusts in ABK / EFiS technology for the complete payment processing.

The consolidation of single incoming payments ( direct debits, credit transfers, credit card transactions ) is equally managed for outgoing payments as well.
Particularly, many new potentials...

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