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Sibos - Around the world in 2 seconds

The International Convention Centre in Sydney is located directly at the harbor, surrounded by skyscrapers. In the building itself, Sibos 2018 comes to an end and we represent our role as pioneers in innovative topics. The blockchain was shown using a practical example that we carried out together with Bayer AG. In the case of eBAM, electronic bank account management, where bank accounts can be opened, for example, we also show what is possible today. We are also piloting these innovative SWIFT features with a well-known EFiS customer at SWIFT gpi. But the main focus was on Instant Payments and BPO for Payments.

BPO for payments is our speciality. We have operated a certified SWIFT Service Bureau for over 20 years and offer additional interfaces: EBICS, BACStel and Finance IPNet. This enables banks to reach the clearing systems RT1, TIPS, T2, T2S, EURO1, STEP2, BACS and SIC. We host payment transactions for banks and large corporates on our EFiS payment platform. The EFiS payment platform processes the most diverse formats and routes them safely to their destination. Our references in the BPO speak for themselves.

At our stand, we showed how instant payments can be sent between Sydney, Frankfurt and back in breathtaking 2 seconds. The instant payments are cleared via RT1 of EBA Clearing. One route uses SWIFTNet Instant, the other EBICS. We are the first to show clearing via RT1 with SWIFTNet Instant and EBICS. We will also use SWIFTNet Instant for TIPS. The pilot was successful. The second access to TIPS will be via our own EFiSNet, as we will become NSP next year. With EFiSNet we will then be the third NSP besides SWIFT and SIA and thus again a frontrunner for TIPS.

The Sibos was a great success. Therefore, after the Sibos is before the Sibos and we look forward to welcoming you next year with our innovations at our booth.