Our Philosophy

Our Guiding Principles

  • We stand for social responsibility.

  • We support training, diploma theses, students jobs, Girl's Day and pupil traineeships.

  • We have children's days (for mothers and fathers) respectively part-time for parents.

  • We know the requirements of our customers and solve them proactively and in permanent dialogue.

  • We speak the language of our customers and partners  -technically and culturally- due to our EU-staff and locations.  
  • We support the project "50plus" and like working with experienced employees. The know-how of the last 40 years remains.

  • We actively work in associations like chambers of commerce, VDT, Wirtschaftsrat (economic council), GSU, TWIST to to create new ideas.

Our Strategy

  • To us environmental protection is not just a Sunday's issue. Green IT is not an advertising stunt but economic reality.

  • Cost and use efficiency "low-priced but not cheap" is our focus.

  • A peaceful, single European economic area SEBA is our expanding market for the future.

  • We use latest technology to improve business processes. 
  • Our customers' challenges are our benchmark.

  • SWIFT (SIBOS), EBA, IBC, IFF, GSE are forums we are contributing: - proactively - innovative - competent.